Surrounded by Chaos- Emperor of Mankind

What would happen if the Emperor of Mankind was surrounded and cut off by the Forces of Chaos on the table top?

Well that exact thing happened back at the Feast of Blades GT when Kenny Boucher’s Daemons fought a converted Adetpus Custodes army (counts as Grey Knights).

During the game Kenny’s Bloodcrushers surrounded and cut off the Emperor (who I think was Draigo).

It made for an epic battle, and I’m not sure how it ended.

What do you think? Check out the scene below.

“Sanguinor” rallies a squad of Pruifiers from a crippled Rhino, to Emperor’s aid.

Fateweaver helps keep the Bloodcrushers alive.


… and cut off from aid.

Who will win? -MBG

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